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WWI Memorial Park and Zoo

Facility Information

365 Elmwood Street
North Attleboro, MA 02760
Phone: (508) 699-0129

Park Hours & General Info
The Park is open 7 days a week at 365 Elmwood Street, there is no admission fee.
Monday - Friday, the Park opens at 7:30 am 
Saturdays & Sundays, the Park opens at 8:00 am. 
April 1st - October 31, the WWI Park & Zoo will close at 8:00 PM 
November 1st - March 31st, the WWI Park & Zoo will close at 4:00 PM.  
CLOSED: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, and Inclement Weather

Park History
The WWI Memorial Zoo was started in 1968 with only 2 deer. In 1970, a memorial was dedicated to Pvt. Edward P. Nolan, as his efforts were instrumental in the establishment of the WWI Park. We now have grown to much more.
Near the Fire Tower in the playground parking lot is a great lookout point as the park is located 390 feet above sea level and is the highest point in Bristol County, on Watery Hill.

Zoo Rules
Dogs must be leashed and kept 30 feet back from animals' fences. Please clean up after your dog!
Please help keep our park clean as litter is a chocking hazard to our animals.
Do not stick fingers or arms in the animals' fences as they can bite!
Please watch out for signs indicating animals' dietary needs.
Respect our park and animals and have a fun and safe day!
No outside food for the animals - what is offered at the park only. Once empty, grain machines will be taken inside.

Things to See & Do
There are plenty of things to see and do the next time you come to the Park.  Our staff works hard to maintain the Park and make it an enjoyable place to visit. Bring your family and friends and spend the afternoon or the day.  Remember to bring the camera!
The park is equipped with numerous picnic areas, a ski slope, playgrounds, an open field for sports (used most for lacrosse), a sledding hill, and a petting zoo.
Dedicated in memory of Julia Cekala, the popular Julia's Garden has a wonderful playground, grass areas, benches, and more for everyone to enjoy.
You’ll have lots of fun at the large playground across from the fire tower. There is also a small playground for the younger kids right next to the zoo building.
The newest spot is the "Beach Area," it has a little board walk and lots of sand castle toys and shovels.

Pack a lunch and use one of the many picnic areas - don’t forget to bring dessert!
Come and see all your animal friends - ducks, peacocks, pheasants, deer, miniature horses, donkeys, llamas, emus, goats, sheep, pigs and more!
Walk the nature trails in the Park and Arboretum; be sure to look for signs of wildlife.  Within the Park, you may see wild turkeys, fox, wild deer, woodchucks, squirrels, chipmunks, and
rabbits.  Also, you will find many different types of birds.

Petti Field is located at the rear of WWI Park.

Have a birthday coming up?  Book your party with us!  We offer guided tours of animals inside and outside & rental of the building and picnic tables.  Call us today to save your date! 508-699-0145. 

Fee Schedule
North Attleboro Park and Recreation
World War I Memorial Park and Zoo
Party and Site Rental Information
We have a variety of sites available for rent.  Please see the descriptions of each site below, and refer to the “Steps to Reserving your Site” guide at the bottom of the page.
Questions? Call the Park and Recreation Office at (508) 699-0145.
General Information:
  • Your site will be clearly marked with a reserved sign. We will also provide one trash barrel for your use. Please see the site descriptions below to help identify your site.
  • Please be respectful of other parties. If a site is marked reserved and you did not reserve it, please relocate to another picnic area. 
    • We do allow the use of sites without a prior reservation, however if the site has previously been reserved by another party, please do not use that site.
  • Payment can be made to the zoo staff on the day of your party if not made in advance. The zoo staff are usually located across from the animals at the zoo building.  You may also see them around the park.
  • Please note that the zoo staff only work from 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM on a normal day. Feel free to find them to ask questions, but outside of these hours, the staff will not be available.
  • Grain bags can be made available upon request, but please keep in mind they would have to be picked up between 8 AM – 2 PM while the staff is here. Grain bags are $1/bag.
  • Checks can be made out to “NA Zoo Fund”.
  • Sites fill up fast, so rain dates will not be accommodated. Any deposit made is non-refundable.
Site Descriptions:
  • Julia’s Garden Picnic Site
    • Price: $50 total, including a $15 non-refundable deposit
    • Location: the grassy area across from the top of the long green slide; also on the left before the sand box area. Also labelled as Site #15.
    • Availability: available for all-day rental, until park closure
    • At least four picnic tables and one trash barrel provided for use
    • Parking is available (but not guaranteed) in the lot across from this site
    • Reservation is only for the grassy picnic area-does not extend to the sandbox, gazebo, or garden area.
  • Zoo Picnic Site
    • Price: $35 total, including a $15 non-refundable deposit.
    • Location: on the access road that cuts through the zoo in a large circle of boulders, to the right of the pheasant pen. Also located across from the zoo building and in front of the deer pen.
    • Availability: available for all-day rental, until park closure
    • Four picnic tables and one trash barrel will be provided for use
    • Please refrain from driving vehicles up the zoo road without prior authorization from the zoo staff. Exceptions may be made when unloading your vehicle while setting up for your party.
  • Inside Building @ Zoo
    • Price: $150 base price (without additional fees and add-ons), including $50 non-refundable deposit
    • Location: inside the zoo building across from the animals
    • Availability: available for rent only from 11 AM – 2 PM. Because the staff leaves right at 2:00, we would need you and all of your belongings to be out of the building by that time so they can lock up. You may incur a $25 dollar late stay fee if you stay longer than the permitted time.
    • The staff will have the party room ready for 10:00 so you can set up. If you require more time to set up, please let us know when you book the party and we can try and accommodate that request.
    • When you arrive, please find the nearest staff member and let them know you are here as the host of the birthday party and we will open the party room for you. Barring huge crowds up at the zoo, you will be allowed to drive your car up to the zoo to unload your belongings, provided you park it in the parking lot as soon as you are done unloading.
    • Please also let us know if there will be 16 or more children. There will be an extra $45 fee to bring in an extra staff member to assist with your party.
    • Two fold-up cafeteria tables are provided with the room
    • A fridge/freezer can be made available upon request
    • Animal interactions are included with the inside building rental. We reserve up to an hour to show your party around the zoo.  Please note that depending on the number of kids, the interactions may not last the full hour. 
    • The specific time of the animal interactions will be discussed with the staff on the day of the party. Generally, we are very flexible with the timing of the animal interactions, but we do need to reserve some time to feed the animals in the afternoon.
    • Permission slips need to be signed for each person participating in the animal interaction. Slips can be printed ahead of time from, but slips will also be provided on the day of the party. Slips will need to be turned in to the staff before starting the animal interaction.
  • Petti Picnic Site
    • Price: $?????
    • Location: On your left as you are driving down the paved road to the Petti Field parking lot. There is a small playground with a blue slide and a few picnic tables that will be marked as reserved for your party.
    • Availability: available all day until park closure
    • Please note that the reservation does not extend to the playground or to the disc golf hole that is next to the tables, nor the parking lot.
  • Sites 18+19
    • Price: $?????
    • Location: Past the playground there is a small loop. As you drive around the small loop road there is a driveway that leads up a hill, and at the top there are two picnic tables.  It is the first site on the left.
    • Availability: available all day until park closure
    • Two picnic tables are at this site
  • Sites 20+21
    • Price: $??????
    • Location: Past the playground is a small loop. As you drive around the small loop road, it will be the first small driveway on your right. The driveway splits into two smaller driveways.  Both tables are yours.
    • Availability: available all day until park closure.
    • Two picnic tables are at this site.
  • Site 12
    • Price: $?????
    • Location: as you drive around the main road, picnic sites will be labelled. As you come around the bottom of the loop of the road, you will see the entrance to our Disc Golf course.  Keep driving two more picnic sites on your right.  Site #12 is located right near three new granite flower beds.
    • Availability: all-day availability until park closure
  • All other sites not listed above
    • All other sites are numbered around the park but are not commonly rented out. However, if you know of a specific site not listed above that you would like to rent, please give us a call to reserve it.  Payment is discussed at time of booking.
    • Each of these sites may have a different number of picnic tables, but we will always put a reserved sign and trash barrel out when reserved; it will be clearly marked for your arrival.
Steps to Reserving your Site
  1. Not required, but recommended: check out the park and the different sites to see which one you want to rent
  2. Call the Park and Recreation Office at (508) 699-0145 to check availability. The office is open Monday-Thursday 8-4 and Friday 8-12. 
  3. Send in or drop off the necessary paperwork and deposit. The office will provide specific information on how this applies to you when you book your party.
    1. If the office is not open, you can drop the paperwork and payment through the mail slot on the double doors on the front of the building
  4. Give us a call if you have any additional questions, but if not we will have the site set up for you on the day of your party.
Zoo Parties 
Inside Facility $200 for North Attleboro Residents; $225 for Non-residents
Facility available from 11AM - 2PM
This includes a hands-on experience with inside and outside animals!
Animal Feed bags $1 each 
Julia's Garden Site #15   $75 for North Attleboro Residents; $100 for Non-residents
 We will reserve an area with 4 picnic tables and trash barrels.
Zoo Picnic Site & Large Picnic Sites $50 for North Attleboro Residents; $75 for Non-residents

Small Picnic Sites (1 table) $35

All bookings are handled through the Park & Recreation office, please call for more information: 508-699-0145