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Donation Opportunities

North Attleboro Parks & Recreation is grateful for the many generous people and groups in our community who donate their goods, services, and time to our programs and facilities. 
Your donations help us improve our parks and programs to enrich the lives of North Attleboro residents. 
Donations large and small are always accepted. Please contact the Park & Recreation Office at (508)-699-0145 if you would like to help.
The World War I Memorial Park & Zoo always appreciates donations, especially the following items:  
Small Animal Supplies
Guinea Pig food
Chinchilla food
Cat food
Rabbit Food
timothy hay
Small animal Hides, Houses, beds
Cat Scratch pads
1 or 2 Small Cardboard box (can be made into hide/house)
Fleece (can be made into blanket/bed)
Heat lamps / Bulbs
Hides, houses
Food or water dishes
Barn Yard
Homemade horse treats
Cleaning Supplies
Landry detergent, Dryer sheets
Refillable spray bottles
Odor Eliminators/ air fresheners
Small hand towels or face clothes (full size towels not needed)
Measuring scoops (1 cup)
Gift cards
Stop and shop
Tractor supply